i should've taken pictures at the lomography store.  completely entranced.  next paycheck is solely going here...

newly purchased polaroid films from urban outfitters (yay) are awaiting my ebay polaroid impulse (i wish all that was mine!)


i'd like to finally conclude with one last image.



It's quite chilly and gloomy today.

What I've been doing this morning

i love Sam Brown.  he's the best.  I actually got to take a picture with him at San Diego Comic Con 2009!

Ahh!  I was so starstruck I was an idiot in front of him - all shy and whatever but

Yeah, enough of that.  He must have been thinking 'what is up with this asian chick' ahaha
Aaahh yeahh..
should continue with my knitting now...


Momo needed 100 more scrolls, after the 200 were done.  So here's the last batch of 102!  Kim and James are such a popular couple, I think I'll make a little bit more!

Like my peppermint pj's?
I'm doing my work on my bed while watching Julia & Julia.  Fun fun!


80 more to go...

my dear friend, kim -aka momo- is gettin married in T-minus 9 days!
these donation scroll favors started with being 200 but the rsvps are still comin in! made 20 today- gota speed it up


Got to read about 13 pages of the Slow Reader book.  I'm not much of a fiction reader but this book reads real nice. It's so raw. So real.

i love these stripey barnes and nobles sofa chairs!

And gonna get me an Alice book soon too!


To blog or not to blog, that is the question

Hellooo blogging world!
I realized I'm not a blogger. More of a journal writer. But here I am again, 3 years later!
Maybe I can blog from my most awesome Android Droid :)