slowly but surely

i didn't realize what the big idea was behind changing to smaller needles after the 1inch of ribbing.
now i see it-- clear before me.



the construction of our church


feathering down continues

december 15, 2004 @ 10:36 pm

it's not like i worked on this all day.. but i think it's coming out nicely...
i can't really make out the pattern.... either cuz it's wrong or cuz i'm messing it up with misinterpretation or something.
and i'm beginning to think this yarn feels... itchy...
i hope to dear God it's not!
i should've gotten merino wool.... arghargh.

feathering down begins

december 15, 2004 [wed] @ 1:29pm

well actually... i started this scarf way before.
had to unravel several times.
it's the first time i'm using small needles for a scarf... i wonder if i'll get this finished before christmas-- not that it's a christmas gift...


... yes...

what can i say about this picture...
we took it right after losing a home game.
if memory serves me right, it was the last game of the season.
the upside was that we won at least one game whileas last year they lost all.

o happy day

o happy day.