Moved! :D

starting over.

Moved over to http://noticeablyawkward.blogspot.com/

Why?  Let's see if I can explain this through a quote...

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right". - Henry Ford
"Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly". - Langston Hughes
"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin". - Mother Teresa

...  or three.


 wonderful. beautiful day.


nookColor versus kindle3

for Christmas, i got david argyle socks, a lego flashlight, and an ipad. weee!!
he got me a flip! and a cozy emu footwear.
electronics and footwear.  that's where we shine  :)

then he decided for new year's, he'd get me an ereader.  yay!  it was a way of showing his support for my studying too.  :*)

so it was the ultimate battle between the new kindle 3 and the new nookColor.
oy vey.  i think i read so many reviews i can write a review right here!  but i'm not high on techie lingo so i will leave pcmag and cnet for that.

in the end, he got me the beautiful new nookColor.  i had my reservations but once we read it was part of the Android family, david and i looked at each other and said, "okay, well, that's a done deal".
yes, phandroids, are we.
it's a beautiful device.  i admit, they have kinks to work on but come on, the first color ereader and it's android.


Tarrytown Christmas Eve

David and I decided to drive to Sleepy Hollow so we stopped by Tarrytown on the way.  SUPER nice Antique Store!!

How beautiful is this??

This is David. Hahah

Cameras!! Yay!

Check out this 7-Eleven.  Whoa

Then off to the Legendary Sleepy Hollow Graveyard...


Inspirational Artist of the Month

I can't stop looking through her sketchbooks!

Stella Im Hultberg.  I mean, wow.  Look at this stuff.

I love all of them. Put this one up here just because pictures are nice to put up, I guess :)

Inspired to start my amateur sketcbook.  I got just a couple of pages left in my journal/sketchbook.  Weeeee

*GASP* I see she has a blogspot... I'm subscribing!


The Sketchbook Project

Oh. So. COOL!
I actually found The Sketchbook Project through Design Sponge and it has got me hyped!
I'm going to go hunt down 3 more people to do this with me now to get the group discount.


cut cut!

went from..


(he left a nice long strand in the back)

went back today to get that long strand snipped!
but this is without any hair products on so my hair went POOF upward!
and it's my new billabong sweater - the weather got cold all of a sudden :)


i'm so busy reading everybody else's blog, i don't have time to write in my own!! :P